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Make your customers’ dining experience a cut above the rest by offering live music entertainment. A jazz trio with a sultry singer, a flamenco guitarist, or even a solo harpist, for example, will make your restaurant the first choice of the evening. Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment is particularly skilled at providing music that is engaging, entertaining, yet unobtrusive — we understand your diners’ desire to enjoy their meal over quiet conversation, while at the same time enjoying excellent background music. We can design a customized monthly schedule of varying types of music and artists, tailoring the entertainment to compliment the ambiance of your restaurant. We can also simply select the perfect band for your lounge or restaurant that will attract your target clientele week in and week out. Please note that Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment offers particularly attractive pricing for your establishment if you have music on a regular basis.

Do you want to take it up a notch? Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment can book the perfect entertainment for your club or lounge, including national or local headliners.

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