About Us

Mitchell's Music & Entertainment is a full-service music and entertainment provider. We excel in designing the perfectly tailored music and/or entertainment for your special event or occasion. Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment will create the perfect menu blend of entertainment and hand-crafted it for your unique entertainment needs.

Whether you need world-class entertainment for your company’s corporate gala, a specialized ensemble for a themed VIP dinner, uniquely-designed entertainment for your wedding and reception, a Steel Drum band for your summer pool party, or Classical music for your formal holiday party. Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment will make your event one that everyone remembers fondly for a lifetime. We draw from a vastly abundant group of established bands, artists, DJ’s, comedians, and others.

La Mont Mitchell, President and CEO of Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment, started the company in 2003. Having performed as a musician in the Washington metropolitan area for more than 20 years, La Mont knew the business from the bottom up. He came up through the ranks side-by-side with nearly everyone in the Washington metropolitan area music and entertainment community, and performed with world-renowned artists such as Jerry Butler, Lou Rawls, and Roy Ayres, as well as local greats such as the late Keter Betts, Dick Morgan, and Collaboration. Because of his integrity and appreciation for artists, La Mont has earned a relationship that inclines artists to do their very best when Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment hires them to perform for an event. The respect and appreciation that Mr. Mitchell has developed with his artists is manifested in the reputation our artists have for excellent musical skills a well as cooperative and helpful attitudes.

Mr. Mitchell’s many years of positive personalinteraction with so many artists, is the reason Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment can hand pick the ideal entertainment for your particular event.

Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment also gives back by supporting charitable organizations, non-profits, and community groups such as local churches, the YMCA, Re-Builing Together, City at Peace, Urban Nation, and others. Giving back is important to us.

Our Approach

First — We Listen to YOU. We discuss with, to full understand your needs, your objectives, your budget, and things that are important to you.

Second — We then present you with options we believe are a perfect match for your needs. All of our bands and artist are highly accomplished musicians. Mitchells Music & Entertainment takes it a few steps further – we make sure that the bands and artists also have cooperative and helpful attitudes, a professional demeanor, and the appropriate look for your event. We tend to every detail the contributes to making sure your event is a success.

Third — We understand that music and entertainment are enhancements to some events,and are the entire focus of others. Mitchell’s Music & Entertainment uniquely provides an on-site coordinator (at no additional cost to you) to take care of all of the arrangements related to entertainment and the artist. We make sure sound levels are appropriate, we assure the band works within the timelines of your event, and we are there to make sure that things go perfectly smoothly.

Fourth — We operate with the highest degree of integrity, and are personally and professionally committed to delivering excellent entertainment and surpassing your expectations. This is our commitment to you.


We encourage you to call our references, to talk first-hand about the expertise, integrity and professionalism Mitchell's Music & Entertainment exhibit. Contact us for a reference list.